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“Tactical Medicine” TESTIMONIALS utilizing SOOJI hand points, rids in “real-time”, pain symptoms from our Veterans, after a RUCK-22

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After a RUCK-22 staged at the “Bad Monkey”, 100 veterans (both men and women) congragated back at the bar and received “Tactical Medicine” therapy for their acute and chronic pain symptoms and here is a small viewing of their personal encounters.

This short but powerful video simply shows the power of “Tactical Medicine” and it’s value for those who served, whether it be in the military, law-enforcement or first-responders.  All may benefit from this simple, safe, inexpensive non-toxic and effective treatment to balance the body and get rid of pain!…


Attacking the Veteran Reality

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Attacking the Veteran Reality 

Just in case anyone is reading this article, (which it is my hope you will…)  myself and my partner Frank Yurasek experienced (commencing in Orlando), at the end of April, an invitation to take part in what is called a “Ruck 22” where our military veterans, with 22-pounds loaded in their rucksacks, marched 22 miles, to honor the 22-veterans a day, in this country, who commit suicide.  A real number happening every day….but realistically on the “low-side”, more like one-every-hour!!

 To honor this particular event, Frank and I went to a bar called The Bad Monkey.  We set up in the loft upstairs and waited for these 100+ veterans (men and women from all branches of service), to come back from their 22-mile march, after honoring their fallen brethren, and utilize Korean hand acupuncture, Koryo Sooji Chim and Auricular Therapy to treat their acute and chronic pain symptoms.

You can go to to view the video of the PROFOUND experience we had on one Navy SEAL; “frogman” Dan, who was individually treated with “Sooji Chim” for chronic pain in his feet, and view his real-time response…This was a huge deal!!!


Please Note….the location of the “Sooji” corresponding point treatment was accomplished with the simplicity of a Bic Pen!  

(It cannot be more simple than this…)

The FULL VIDEO of our experience at the “Bad Monkey” will be made available on the website.  Everybody who took part in receiving this treatment experienced remarkable results within two minutes or less, and with therapy only on the micro-systems of the hand or ear.  This absolutely provided a new, positive dimension towards healing and wellbeing, in each and every life we touched.  To say the least, a very humbling event for Frank and I to experience, and one everyone else in this field, who embraces the concept of “less is more” and the reality of neuroplasticity (what’s wired together, fires together), must learn and apply!  

To be open and flexible for learning the Veteran Acupuncture Protocols, provides the safest, uncomplicated, repeatable and, successful results, for our tactical heroes (military, law enforcement and first-responders), to move through their chronic pain and related PTSD symptoms…(This is an integrative approach, I have have developed and implemented in over 700 veteran patient visits since the end of August 2018).  Reducing the 22-daily veteran suicide rate must be our collective short and long-term goal. 

If not now, we risk the fear of extending these unchecked behavioral conditions and their insane consequences into subsequent generations!  


In conjunction with our collective experience on the ground with “Sooji Hand Therapy”, we have at our disposal a simple, safe, inexpensive, real-time treatment, anybody can “self-administer” to immediately reduce pain and change a individual’s personal narrative.  It’s imperative we (do, learn, teach and teach others to teach others) to make an impact on the ground and in the field, with our medicine.  This is why OUR medicine, imparted on others, is so vital to the ongoing success of treating and resolving chronic pain and PTSD symptoms.  The preliminary research has already been complied utilizing the unmistakable results of “heart rate variability” (the conventional medical research standard), to prove changes in the “sympathetic and parasympathetic” nervous system (creating balance from our perspective of Yin and Yang), by simply activating points on the hands and ears.  We are now closer than EVER BEFORE, to proving how the ancient medicine of the Orient can have PROFOUND EFFECTS in the modern high-tech world, with all of its complications and permutations.

This is just the beginning…subsequent articles, and on-line teaching opportunities are being developed as this article goes out to provide 24/7/365 world-wide training to “STOP VETERAN SUICIDE….DEAD IN ITS TRACKS”.

We will delve into the reasonings and practical first-steps in setting-the-stage for multi-level healing.



We can be reached and more information may be obtained through the following links: Veteran Acupuncture Healer Warrior Mash Unit American Acupuncture Academy

My hope is, as a reader, you can find the time to fully embrace this most poignant and timely issue.

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SaTerra Vishnu, DOM, AP.

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